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Vaccination Time!

Advice for your large and giant breed puppy

It’s vaccination time!

Getting vaccinated will make a huge difference to your dog’s health and many kennels, walkers and day care services will only look after fully vaccinated pups.

Worms in puppies

Does my puppy have worms?

Puppies are born carrying worms, so it is important that they have a well-established worming routine. The breeder may have wormed your puppy prior to them coming home with you so be sure to check what he or she has had and when. Take advice from your vet on a good worming product to make sure pup and family are protected.

How often does my puppy need to be wormed?

Puppies should be wormed monthly up until they are 6 months old and then every 3 months thereafter. This will depend on the type of product you use. Your vet will be able to advise further on this for you.

How to handle fleas?

Hopefully your new arrival hasn’t brought any extra friends along with them, but if they have, getting on top of the critters early is important. Speak to your vet to find out what product is best to use.

Dogs will require regular de-fleaing during their lifetime. Most products must be given at monthly intervals. There is an array of products available which come in the form of a spot-on treatment, tablet, injection or collar. It’s always best to speak with your vet on the product that is most likely to suit you and pup.

Why should I get my puppy vaccinated?

Vaccinating is essential to ensure that they are protected against several infectious diseases which can often be fatal.

What protection do vaccinations offer?

The microorganisms that cause disease can be widespread in certain areas of the UK. All unvaccinated dogs are at a higher risk from canine distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, infectious canine hepatitis and kennel cough.

When should I get my puppy vaccinated?

Up to 8 weeks old your puppy will have acquired a small level of immunity from their mother. After this point the immunity starts to drop off, so vets recommend vaccination from this stage onwards.

Has my puppy already been vaccinated?

Please check with the breeder to ensure that your puppy has not already had any vaccinations. If they have, you will need to find out what vaccinations they have had and when.


All vets will issue a vaccination card to the breeder – this contains all the vaccination details that you will need to hand over to your vet. Be sure to follow your vet’s guidelines on when you can start socialising .


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