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Making The Switch to Burns Puppy Food

Advice for your large and giant breed puppy

Feeding your Large and Giant Breed…

Large breed pups should be fed their daily food allowance in small, manageable meals in order to ensure their nutritional needs are being met without overloading their tummies.

They reach their adult weight and complete their growth pattern later in life compared to smaller breed dogs. Our puppy foods are carefully tailored to promote optimum health during this important phase.
Feeding a high-quality diet formulated with controlled levels of protein and fat, such as Burns will enable your puppy to follow a slow and steady growth pattern for optimum health.


Introducing your puppy to Burns food … 

If your puppy is new to Burns and on a different brand of food from the breeder, here’s our handy tips to making the switch:

  1. Before attempting a diet change, make sure your puppy is settled into their new home first
  2. Make the change to Burns pet food gradually. We recommend this transition be done over a 10-14-day period
  3. Start by introducing 25% of their new puppy food into their bowl and gradually increase to 100% whilst decreasing the current diet accordingly.

Top Tip!

“It’s normal to expect puppies to have some digestive upset in the first few days of moving into their new home. This can be caused by the excitement and anxiety that comes with the change of home and environment.

If your puppy’s stomach is upset, try some homecooked chicken and rice to settle their stomach before weaning them on to the Burns puppy food.”

Laura Crotch-Harvey, Nutrition Manager

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