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Puppy Parenting

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We’ve partnered with Admiral Pet Insurance to launch a series of free online dog parenting lessons.

Our classes will be run by experts including TikTok star Ben the Vet and Lioness Champion Bethany England. Our classes are intended to help puppy paw-rents flourish in their new role and they aim to give our customers access to a series of experts including vets, nutritionists, dog trainers and breeders.

They’ll be sharing their knowledge and answering any questions to help new dog owners feel fully prepared for what to expect before they bring home a new puppy or dog. We discovered that loads of new dog owners were shocked at some of the gross things they had to get used to as a new puppy parent, like dogs eating their own vomit, having to wipe the animal’s bottom, and how often dogs lick their own genitals.

Ask the Vet #1

Ben the Vet, John Burns, Nicki Fox, Veterinary Specialist, Admiral Pet Insurance

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Dog Nutrition

Emma Lee, Nutritional Advisor and Dog Behaviorist at Burns

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What I wish I knew before I got a puppy #1

Beth England, Lioness Champion and Mum to two Golden Retrievers

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Ask the Vet #2

Ben the Vet

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Finding a puppy

Aileen Coull – Breeder Manager at Burns Pet Nutrition

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What I wish I knew before I got a puppy #2

Beth England, Lioness Champion and Mum to two Golden Retrievers

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Behaviour and training

Orlagh McCarthy CBTT at Burns Pet Nutrition

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Behaviour and Welfare officer at Hope Rescue

Shannon Williams | Finding a Rescue Dog

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Not prepared?

In fact, there are over 20 things that dog owners weren’t prepared for, with one in eight new puppy owners feel overwhelmed when they bring their pet home, meaning that anything we can do to offer extra support is really vital. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Admiral alongside TikTok star Ben the Vet and the legendary Lioness and dog owner Beth England to offer a series of free Puppy Parenting classes for new and expectant dog parents. Beth England, who has two dogs herself, will be hosting a class to share the things she wished she knew before getting a dog.

Here, we’ve listed the top seven most unpleasant things dog owners didn’t expect:

That their puppy would be hard to toilet train (15%)

That they’d have to sometimes clean their dog’s bum (14%)

That their dog would wee on so many things during a walk (13%)

That their dog would eat its own vomit (13%)

Having to clean their dog’s anal glands (10%)

That their dog would hump everything (10%)

That their dog would lick its genitals so much (9%)


Philanthropic Scotsman John Burns graduated as a veterinary professional in 1971, just over fifty years ago. During his time as a veterinary surgeon, he quickly saw that some of the most common ailments in our pets could be solved simply by better nutrition. This is why he brought healthy, high-quality and hypoallergenic pet food to market.

Not content with changing the world one bowl at a time, John also decided to support rescue centres, charities and community projects by donating huge amounts of food and profits every year. Now, Burns supports over 20 rescue centres and shelters, mountain search and rescue teams, dog trainers, sanctuaries and even has an in-house charity, The John Burns Foundation.

John’s aim has always been to make a difference to the lives of people and companion animals across the UK. In 2022 John was awarded an MBE for his huge impact on pet nutrition in Britain and his charity work in West Wales.


Nicki Fox Veterinary Specialist, Admiral Pet Insurance, RVN VNCertECC APVN (Wildlife)

Nicki is a qualified and registered veterinary nurse from Lingfield Surrey. Holding additional qualifications in Emergency and Critical Care with VetsNow, Wildlife nursing and Behaviour, she is also a qualified canine hydrotherapist, groomer and clinical coach. Nicki has taken additional courses in canine/feline dentistry, RCVS Schedule 3 procedures and Class 4 laser therapy and started off in first opinion clinic back in 2000.

Nicki’s career took a slight detour after a few years, and then in 2015 she retrained and studied in veterinary nursing in 2015. She left her first opinion practice to develop her skills further and became a locum. Nicki has been a locum vet nurse for four and a half years, working in first opinion and referral in South-East England. Most of Nicki’s work consists of emergency and critical care, working out of hours for local practices and hospitals. Nicki joined Admiral as their Veterinary Specialist this year. Nicki’s pet family includes six dogs, a cat, two chickens and a horse.


Emma - Nutritional Advisor at Burns Pet Nutrition

Emma Lee joined Burns as a Nutritional Advisor and has worked with a local behaviourist for 8 years as a dog trainer where she regularly give dietary advice to puppy and dog owners. I am also a qualified Canine Massage Therapist, working with dogs from all walks of life, including Agility dogs, Flyball dogs, Obedience Dogs and pet dogs. Emma currently have 4 rescue dogs and have fostered dogs for the past 4 years. I am very much looking forward to working for Burns and developing my skills and knowledge.

Emma has a Diploma in Canine Massage Therapy which included 1 year studying the anatomy and physiology of the dog and 1 year guided practice gaining clinical skills.

Beth England

Bethany England is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward and is the captain of Women’s Super League club Tottenham Hotspur. She also represents England and was part of the Lionesses squad that won the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 and reached the Final of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Bethany is a passionate dog lover and owns two golden retrievers, Buddy and Dilys. Despite them being the same breed, Bethany learnt that they are two very different dogs and needed to be trained differently as puppies. She will be sharing her stories as a dog owner, recalling what she wished she knew before she got a puppy.

Ben the VET

Ben Simpson-Vernon, better known as Ben the Vet is a small animal veterinary surgeon who has built a following of over 180,000 on TikTok.

He shares insight into his work and useful information and tips for pet owners in his videos. He is passionate about animal welfare and does not shy away from calling out harmful online pet trends, and has a particular focus on spreading awareness of inherited health problems in pedigree dog and cat breeds.

Aileen Coull - Breeder Manager at Burns Pet Nutrition

Aileen has been successfully breeding and showing Miniature Pinschers for over 35 years, with a keen interest in health testing and genetics. Breeding only when she needs a puppy to show, her focus is always health and temperament first and all her dogs live in the house as part of the family. She’s made up 16 Champions and her dogs have won over 100 Challenge Certificates.

Aileen is also a Championship show judge, judging at home and abroad, and had the honour of judging her breed at Crufts 2018.

Orla McCarthy- Behaviour & Training

Orlagh works for the John Burns Foundation, delivering their flagship, Burns By Your Side, reading with dogs scheme. Her role includes assessing suitability for the programme, ensuring training curriculum is in line with the most current non aversive methods, delivering training classes and liaising with recipient schools. Orlagh began her career as a ‘small human’ teacher, and over the years her fascination with animals led to a career with dogs. A qualified Training and Behaviour Consultant, she bases all her training interactions on  ‘the story of ONE’ – that every dog is a sentient being, an individual with their own emotions and preferences. She is passionate about training the individual in front of you, in that particular moment, and that every client (canine and human) comes with their own history which cannot be ignored and must be incorporated into the training curriculum. The cornerstone of Orlagh’s belief is that learning should never cause pain or fear – she uses and teaches non aversive methods of training.

Orlagh strongly believes that flexibility is the key and there is nothing like being part of the process that helps an owner and their dog begin to understand each other and move their relationship onto another level.

Shannon Williams | Behaviour & Welfare Officer at Hope Rescue

Her very busy role is to help prepare the dogs for rehoming, and to assess all stray, seized or surrendered dogs that arrive at Hope. Shannon also supports new dog owners through the adoption process and post adoption.

Shannon particularly enjoys getting to know each dog individually, what makes them tick, and how she can help.

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