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Sensitive Skin in Dogs

It’s much more common than you might think!

Why is my dog scratching?

Itchy, dry ,flaky skin and ears, licking , chewing and biting and even  persistent moulting are all signs of a sensitive skin which can be supported by diet, avoiding the following.

  • Lower quality ingredients
  • Food intolerances or allergies
  • Excess protein and fat
  • Overfeeding

What diet do I need to look for?

  • Hypo- allergenic, natural, containing wholegrains such Brown rice or wholegrain maize.
  • A simple recipe using a single protein source.
  • Lower in protein and fat
  • Free from additives


Which diet should I choose for sensitive skin?

Burns Sensitive Pork and Potato, formulated with novel ingredients is a popular choice for dogs with sensitive skin.

Other varieties to try!.

More tips!

  • Check with your vet to rule out other possible causes.
  • Keep to the same diet for around 12 weeks unless we advise otherwise.
  • Avoid beef, wheat and dairy – 70+% of food intolerance in dogs.
  • Look for novel ingredients- ones your dog hasn’t eaten before.
  • Feed sparingly, overfeeding can contribute to a sensitive skin .
  • Avoid treats, dental chews and table scraps – vegetables are OK.
  • Every dog is an individual, a food may suit one dog but not another

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