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23rd Jan 2023

“Best dry dog food, 10 out of 10” – The Telegraph

by Burns Team Writer

Another year, another commendation for Burns! The Telegraph has just published an article by vet, Peter Wedderburn entitled, “The best dog food; how to choose the right food for your pet.” In the article, he gives Burns Original the accolade of Best Buy dry dog food.

“Burns is my top pick for dry dog food because of the simplicity and high quality of its ingredients (essentially, chicken and brown rice).

“We like: its all-natural and high quality ingredients”.

For dogs with sensitive stomachs, Mr Wedderburn highly recommends Burns Sensitive Chicken and Wholegrain Maize, as well as honourable mentions for several other Burns varieties.

“Other products that have been designed for this purpose and have been proven to be popular…but Burns is my choice for sensitive dogs.”

“Some dog foods are less likely to cause gastrointestinal upsets: they have been specially formulated to produce less irritant reactions as the digestive processes proceed. The sensitive Burns range is a winner in this regard, as the ingredients (chicken and wholegrain maize in this case) are naturally highly digestible.”

Pete The Vet’s recommended food for small and toy breeds is Burns Small and Toy breed variety.

“The usual high quality of food, with high palatability and acceptance by dogs, is found with these versions as with all of the others in the extensive Burns range.”

In fact, he has selected Burns as his first choice of food in 3 out of 8 categories. In addition, he has given Burns a thumbs-up in 3 other categories. The Telegraph’s resident vet named Burns in the categories for Wet food, Senior food and best food for allergies.


That’s 2023 so far. I’m still digesting (sorry) the fact that in both 2021 and 2022, Which? Magazine members voted Burns their top food over some 30 brands which included well known household and international brands!

At the time, I wrote, worth repeating now, “I’m delighted that Burns has once more come top…but I’m really not surprised. For almost 30 years, I’ve been assured by customer feedback that Burns is the best food on the market.”


Not bad for a little Kidwelly business.

Read the full The Telegraph article here. 




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