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22nd Aug 2022

Living Sustainably in a Cost of Living Crisis

by Burns Team Writer

There’s no denying that the cost-of-living crisis in Britain has made consumers more conscientious of how they are spending. With the rate of inflation rising by 10.1%, consumers are seeking solutions to get better value for their money. Households in the UK are cutting back on everyday spending, with pet food being no exception.

More now than ever, it’s important for consumers to research the amount they are spending on long-term essentials for their pets. A problem that may surface with this is that, at first glance, a cheaper dog food brand may seem more beneficial. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Burns offers a low daily feeding cost without the need for compromising in quality. Many dog food brands use less nutrient-dense recipes which require higher feeding amounts. What’s special about Burns dry food is that pet owners can get 120 bowls of food out of one 12kg bag of dry food. Making a bag of dog food go further while maintaining high quality is vital when cutting costs. You can spend less while getting a better bargain.


As well as lower cost in the long run, low feeding amounts are also better for the environment. Less waste, less packaging and lower CO2 emissions. Developed by a vet, all Burns foods are highly digestible and contain low levels of protein. This results in more absorption of nutrients and less waste production, benefitting the environment tremendously in the long run. From developing new recyclable packaging to utilising renewable energy, Burns continue to succeed in their sustainability mission.

Vet and founder of Burns Pet Nutrition, John Burns MBE urges pet owners to encourage change in the pet product industry:

“As consumers, pet owners make up one in three households so have enormous power to demand sustainable practices from pet food manufacturers and suppliers. The potential for change is huge”. Burns strives to continue to set the bar high for sustainability and cost-effectiveness throughout the pet industry.