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Tail Wag to 5k

How do I take part?

Our activity pack contains everything you need to know about Tail Wag to 5K. Click here to download the pack, and follow the weekly activity with us over on social media.

Am I too unfit for this programme?

This programme is a workout program that builds up over a period of time. It’s designed for beginners using elements of Couch to 5K, but created at a much slower pace than Couch to 5K to allow your dogs to get used to the activity too. The activity itself will require your full commitment in order to reap its benefits. It is reccomended that you consult your GP before beginning the programme.

What time do I need to commit?

You’ll need to commit up to three days a week for 10 weeks in order to reap the rewards! However, the activity should be taken at your own individual pace. You may need to repeat a week in order to feel more comfortable with the pace and that’s okay. “You don’t have to go fast… you just have to go!”

What happens if I miss a day/week/month of runs?

Hey, we’re all human, so don’t fret. Just do it the next day you are able to. However, we reccommend you don’t run two days in a row. It’s important for you to rest, even if you have missed some workouts inbetween. If you miss more than a week, you might want to try repeating the week before. This can remind your body of what it’s capable of!

Do I have to run on specific days

No. The activity plan states that you need to run 3 days per week, but you can choose which 3 days suit you best. Rest days are critical to not only reduce your chance of injury but to make you a stronger, better runner.

Is it okay to repeat a day or week?

Yes! Both you and your dog need to take the activity at your own pace. If there is a particular week or day that was too challenging, then listen to your body and repeat the day or week before progressing to the next. Remember to be patient with yourself as well as your dog – you’re learning together.

How do I do the activity with my dog?

You will need to do a slight bit of training during prep week in order to ensure your dog feels comfortable running by your side. More information is available in the Tail Wag to 5K Activity Packand resource area. After your warm up, get your dog to heel. When you’re ready, choose a command such as ‘Start’ or ‘Go’ to tell your dog that you’re both going to run! If they run too fast, tell them to stop. Bring them back to your side, walk a little and try again. Start slow and build your pace together. Once your dog knows to stay by your side, jog for 20-30 seconds, then tell them to ‘slow’ and ‘stop’. Once they’ve stopped, give them a treat and lots of praise!

Can I complete the 5K if my dog is injured or poorly?

Don’t force your dog to run if they’re not feeling very well or if they’re injured. You can still do the weekly activitiy with or without your dog.

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