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Fussy Dogs

Tips and tricks to help a picky pup.

Help! My fussy dog won’t eat their food!

This is a problem that many pet owners come to us with. They often resort to feeding lots of unhealthy foods like table scraps, fatty treats and non-pet-friendly treats like biscuits. Well, lucky for you, the solution is simpler than you thought.


Why is my dog fussy? Most common reasons!

  1. Overfeeding (food or too many treats)
  2. Feeding too often
  3. High fat intake
  4. Lack of exercise
  5. Ready to make transition from puppy to adult.
  6. Ready to move from adult to senior feeding guide.


Top Nutrition tips for feeding a Fussy Dog!

  1. Offer the food once a day around teatime 5-7pm.
  2. Feed less than the recommended amount, like 80g instead of 100g.
  3. Pick up any uneaten food after 10-15 minutes, even if it is untouched!
  4. Reduce treats, dental chews and other food outside of mealtimes.

We urge you to ask yourself, “is my pet actually hungry?”.

Our pets are masterminds when it comes to food. Especially when they know something more luxurious is coming if they don’t eat their meal. This cycle will continue on and on until they’re eating steak and caviar.

If you’re still unsure...

please get in touch with us through our Nutrition Helpline for expert nutrition advice.

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