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Help them put their best paw forward with our range of natural puppy food. This range has been developed by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns and is loaded with all the goodness a young pup needs for healthy development. Suitable for puppies and juniors. Bone appetit!

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Puppy Size

Is my puppy a healthy weight?

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Need puppy advice?

We believe all pets are special. Everyone needs a little help and advice from time to time so when it comes to something as important as your best friend it’s reassuring to know help is just a call or a click away.

Speak to a Pet Nutritionist

Is it important to get the correct weight of my puppy?

At Burns we go by the weight of the dog to determine feeding amounts. This is crucial to avoid overfeeding and the issues that come with it such as digestive upset, itchy skin, full anal glands and weight problems.

Mixed breed puppy size

If your pup is a rescue, or the breeder has not given you an idea of what sort of size your dog will be when it is fully grown, contact our nutrition team and they should be able to help you.

How do I weigh my puppy?

If you have some bathroom scales at home you can weigh yourself, take a note of that, and then hop on while holding your puppy. Subtract your weight from the weight of you plus your puppy and that’s how much they weigh!

Alternatively you can pop into your local vets as most vets will have scales in their reception.

Do I have to know the exact weight of my puppy?

No, if you are not sure it is most likely to fall in the standard category. Or if you are still unsure get in touch with one of our nutritionists.

How to tell if my puppy is a healthy weight

You can check whether your puppy is a healthy weight with a simple test. Feel around their rib area. Can you feel their ribs? Can you see the outline of their ribcage? Your puppy’s last 2-3 ribs should be visible, especially when playing, twisting and turning.

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