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Lip-Smackingly Sustainable

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword here at Burns.


As a business, we’re always looking to reduce our carbon pawprint wherever we can to change the pet food industry for the better. Here are some of the ways we’re keeping on top of our sustainability mission at Burns.


Carbon Negative Food Supplier

In 2022, Burns changed to a new manufacturer, based in the UK, that has a wealth of knowledge, high quality production and a high regard for sustainability practices. Using a carbon negative supplier pairs really well with our values at Burns Pet Nutrition, as we are always looking to improve our environmental impact.


Recyclable Packaging

Several years ago, we changed our dry food and treats packaging to be 100% recyclable as we know small changes to everyday products make a big impact to the environment.

In 2021, Burns Wet Food packaging was changed to become 99% recyclable, including a recyclable plastic tray, paper sleeve and box.


Green Energy at Burns

Energy at Burns is also as ‘green’ as possible – we have over 100 kw of solar heating panels and many staff have electric or hybrid company cars. In a major new project, we’ve installed a biomass plant for heating and hot water at Burns Parc y Bocs Farm Shop and Burns Foundation HQ, both in Kidwelly. The biomass wood chip comes from our own woodlands which we manage sustainably by replanting.


Natural and Wholesome Ingredients

The entire concept of Burns Pet Nutrition is based on promoting health and wellbeing of pets through natural, wholesome food at an economical and affordable cost.  Burns foods are highly digestible which means that the amount of faeces (poo) produced is reduced, thereby resulting in a clear environmental benefit also.


Team Burns

To look after the environment and local communities, we feel that it is important to first prioritise Burns staff members. Burns Pet Nutrition was the first in the pet industry to sign up to the Living Wage Foundation commitment to pay the Real Living Wage to all staff.  All employees receive benefits which exceed statutory guidelines on holidays, free time, and major company contribution to employee pension scheme.

Many employees receive a company car, as a car is almost essential in our rural area of West Wales where our HQ is based. Many of these vehicles are hybrid that can be charged at Burns HQ, furthering our green mission.


Local Communities

Burns is an ongoing advocate for Shop Local, as we understand how competitive and difficult it can be for a small business owner in a modern market. To maintain our local communities, we must support small, local pet shops wherever possible. As an incentive for pet owners, we encourage shopping local through our Burns Loyalty Scheme. This allows customers to receive their 6th, 7th or 8th bag of Burns for free (depending on the stockist).

We also foster sustainable communities via The John Burns Foundation, with eight full time staff providing support to local communities such as the elderly, isolated and those with learning difficulties.



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