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What Should I Feed My New Kitten?

Congratulations on your newest furry family member! 

As with any new companion, meeting their every need is a top priority and diet sits up there at the top. Food is fuel for the body and mind and this is no different for your kitten. Ensuring that they get the correct balanced nutrition based on their age and lifestyle is vital to support a happy and healthy feline.

What should I look for in a diet?

Feeding a complete, balanced and highly digestible diet that is designed for kittens is essential to ensure they receive all the essential vitamins and minerals to help promote healthy growth and development.

Protein levels are very important for cats, they need a much higher % than dogs. A good quality complete kitten food will contain the correct level of protein to help promote slow and steady growth.

Most species need only 9 amino acids, but cats need 11, the extra 2 that they need are Arginine and Taurine which are essential for normal heart function and brain development.

Fat provides energy for your furry friend but a good quality fat in a diet will also provide an invaluable source of Omega- 3 and Omega – 6 fatty acids.

How do I change my kitten's diet?

Choosing the correct diet can sometimes feel like the biggest battle but don’t be fooled even when you have found a complete and highly digestible diet, changing from one diet to another can be just as challenging. With any change in diet make it gradually (often over a 2 week period) to allow the body to adjust and settle.


Take a look at our transition guide here.

How often should I feed my kitten?

Kittens only have small stomachs so offering 4-5 smaller meal per day will normally suit a kitten better than 2 larger meals. You can feed wet and dry food and as your kitten gets older you can reduce the number of meals.

How much should I feed my kitten?

Approximate age Body Weight (kg) Feeding amount (g)
Up to 5 weeks up to 0.5kg up to 35g
5-10 weeks 0.5-1kg 35-55g
10-20 weeks 1-2kg 55-70g

Still have questions?

Contact our team of experienced nutritionists on 0800 083 6696, via email on info@burnspet.co.uk or via the livechat function on our website.