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Switching to Burns

Helping you make your pet’s switch to Burns as perfect as possible.

Are you looking to switch your pet’s food to a naturally delicious and super healthy diet?

Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place!


Things to consider

  • We recommend taking 10-14 days to switch your dog or cat to Burns.
  • Not sure which food to choose? Contact our Nutrition Helpline to get on the right track.
  • Monitor your pet during the switch. Make sure they’re transitioning well and be aware of any changes.
  • If your pet is sensitive or suffers from a condition, we recommend speaking to a Burns Nutritionist
  • Avoid giving any treats or extras during the transition period, so you have an accurate understanding of how they’re doing on a Burns diet.
  • Feeding amounts are important! Overfeeding will cancel out the benefits of feeding the correct type of food.
  • Regular exercise helps burn excess calories, discharge waste, improve circulation and provide mental stimulation.


If you’re still unsure...

please get in touch with us through our Nutrition Helpline for expert nutrition advice.

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