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Burns Pet Nutrition’s 100% Recyclable Packaging

We are an ethical company with a pledge to transition towards more sustainable packaging across all our ranges of pet food and treats and this is an ongoing project that we will be working on for years to come as new technologies become available. Continual developments will see Burns packaging also being manufactured from recycled material – contributing towards a more circular economy and out of the natural environment.

Burns Pet Nutrition’s Operations Manager Chris Morris noted;

“Due to the structure of our previous packaging not being recyclable and the requirements to ensure our products are kept as fresh as possible, the improved barrier properties along with recyclability allow Burns to target eliminating the single use of plastic packaging and achieve a sustainable circular economy. The improved tighter weave polywoven fabric and new sealing innovation increases puncture resistance making for less damage and wastage to stock. All without compromising the super-premium shelf appeal of Burns pet food.As it now is recyclable, albeit not in every county, in my eyes this is a step forward. Our new packaging also has possible uses as recycled plastic in park benches, bollards and waste bins.

Unfortunately, plastic is not going away and as long as it is used in a way where it can be adopted to suit a closed circular economy, the benefits do outweigh those of using paper. But we all need to get on board to support this, end users and Governments alike.

The Government has already introduced plastic taxes into the UK amounting to £2 billon over the last 10 years which are supposedly reinvested into recycling schemes. With the relative low costs in comparison of under £2 million for an OPP recycling plant (the material used for our packaging); it surprises me why we have not seeing more of these sites popping up throughout the UK sooner.”

According to a research paper produced by the Northern Ireland Assembly it takes up to four times as much energy to manufacture and 91% more energy to recycle a paper bag in comparison to the plastic bag, with further environmental benefits including.

  • reduction of energy consumption by two-thirds
  • production of only a third of the sulphur dioxide and half of the nitrous oxide
  • reduction of water usage by nearly 90%
  • reduction of carbon dioxide generation by two-and-a-half times

Recycling schemes keep popping up with improved recycling strategies and more and more local councils have adopted facilities for recycling plastics, but ultimately this needs further support from the Government. The UK Government needs to assist local councils to improve their handling of all recyclable products and develop recycling centres throughout the UK.

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