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Wet Food – Please note that the plastic film is non-recyclable and can go into general waste

Packaging FAQs


Where can we recycle the bags?

Local Authorities

  • Many will recycle the packaging in your kerbside collection,
  • Some councils may recycle it at their centre but won’t collect it.
  • We recommend checking with your local authority.

Drop-off Points

There are many local drop-off points that you can take your empty packaging too;

  • Supermarket soft plastics collections
  • Terracycle
  • Recycling Technologies
Where on the bag can I find the information on recycling?

Burns Dry Food

The recyclable logo is on the righthand side of the bag. The logo shows that the plastic is PP5 which is fully recyclable.

Burns Wet Food

Many councils will not currently recycle the pouches, so there is not a recyclable logo on these. Specific drop off points are available to recycle these pouches, however.

The move to plastic seems a backwards step?!

Plastic packaging has had a lot of bad press recently, but we need to look at the whole picture;

  • It takes x4 times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a plastic bag.
  • To produce paper bags, forests must be cut down and toxic chemicals are often used.
  • Plastic is made from the waste products of oil refining.
  • It makes good environmental sense to use this by-product until other fuels have been developed.
  • It also takes 91% less energy to recycle a pound of plastic than it takes to recycle a pound of paper (Northern Ireland Assembly).


Our next step will hopefully be changing to recycled plastic, which can then be recycled and so we can continue the loop and it will be more sustainable. In the long term, we will be continuing to improve the material used for our packaging as more technologies become available.


Burns Pet Nutrition’s Operations Manager Chris Morris noted;

“Due to the structure of our previous packaging not being recyclable, and the need to ensure our products are kept as fresh as possible, the improved barrier properties along with recyclability in our new packaging allows Burns to target eliminating single-use plastic packaging and achieve a sustainable circular economy. Our new packaging also has possible uses as recycled plastic in park benches, bollards and waste bins.”

No more plastic!

Plastic is a huge problem when it goes to landfill and isn’t recycled. It is, however, more environmentally friendly to produce plastic than paper. Many local councils already have the facilities to recycle PP5 plastic, but some do not and it is important that the recycling facilities improve in the UK.


At Burns we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and continually seeking ways to improve our environmental performance.


For more information, please see our page on the environment and conservation.

Will you go non-plastic?

We see our packaging as an ongoing process, and we will be continuing to search for improved materials. We have now made the change to 100% recyclable packaging. The next step will be to look at a move towards recycled plastic, this will create a more circular process between the packaging being re-used into new packaging.


We will however be continuing to research and keep up to date with packaging materials as new technologies become available.