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If you are looking to minimise the amount of fat in your dogs diet we have a healthy, natural and vet recommended range for you! Reduced Fat diets for dogs can be beneficial if they are suffering from a variety of health conditions such as Pancreatitis, Obesity and Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  We offer natural and healthy additions to your dogs nutrition plan.

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How Low Fat Dog Food helps with Pancreatitis

Low Fat Dog Food

What should I feed a dog that has had pancreatitis?

A low fat diet which is easy to digest is recommended. We recommend feeding a diet that contains 9% fat or under. Be sure to stick to the correct daily feeding amounts to ensure extra fat is not consumed.

Many people think they are feeding a low fat wet food but because wet foods have a high amount of moisture or water in them you often need to feed 4 times the amount of a wet food than a dry food.

Therefore you need to take this into account before comparing a wet food to other diets as they could be getting more fat in total (for further information into this please see our fact
sheet on comparing wet and dry foods).

Small frequent meals spread throughout the day may be tolerated better by your dog than one or two larger meals.

A low fat diet is essential even if your dog has lost weight due to pancreatitis. It is not advisable to try and ‘feed him up’ after being ill as too much food can overwork the pancreas. If your dog is very thin it is important that you speak to your vet or one of our nutritionists for help.

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