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28th Sep 2022

Moving to a greener Supplier

by Burns Team Writer

Burns’ Green Initiative: Changing To A Sustainable Supplier

We have made the exciting decision to move to a new manufacturer!


Why are you moving to a new manufacturer?

Our new manufacturer, based in the UK, has a wealth of experience, and produces very high-quality food. They are also pioneers in the action they are taking to be environmentally friendly as they are carbon negative, which drives our mission for sustainability even further.

This pairs really well with our values at Burns Pet Nutrition as we are always looking to improve our environmental impact. A number of years ago we changed our dry food packaging to be 100% recyclable. Energy at Burns is also as ‘green’ as possible – we have over 100 kw of solar heating panels and many staff have electric or hybrid company cars. In a major new project, we’ve installed a biomass plant for heating and hot water at Burns Parc y Bocs Farm Shop and Burns Foundation HQ, both in Kidwelly. The biomass wood chip comes from our own woodlands which we manage sustainably by replanting.


Will my pet or myself notice any difference?

Please be reassured that our recipes will be remaining the same, as will the nutrient levels in the food. Some of the ingredients may be coming from different suppliers and the food is being produced on new equipment so we might see some initial changes to how the products look or the aroma. Some pets may notice this change too, especially as often dogs have been on the same food for many years. If you have any concerns, please contact our free Nutrition Helpline.

The new manufacturer has already started producing the Burns products and the quality is excellent. The main difference we have noted is that the kibbles are generally smaller and lighter in colour than what our customers are used to. This is on target with our product specification though as in recent years they have been larger than we would have liked. The kibbles are light and airy, and we have not seen any issues with dusty food.


Do I need to introduce the new food gradually?

As the recipes are remaining the same, we do not see the need to introduce the food gradually for most pets. We are aware that due to our simple recipes at Burns, we have many sensitive pets who are very settled on our diets and if your pet is particularly sensitive it may be best to do a gradual transition over 10-14 days. This can be achieved by home cooking for a few days and then slowly introducing the kibble. If you need any assistance with this, please contact one of our Nutritional Advisors.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our free nutrition helpline and we’ll be happy to assist and assure you.