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Senior+ Dog Food

Help your prized pooch to grow old gracefully with our healthy Senior dog food. Choose from a variety of dry and wet food, made with natural ingredients and suitable for senior dogs. Bone appetit!

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Benefits of a Senior Dog Diet

Feeding Guide for Senior Dogs

Benefits of Senior Dog Food

Older dogs will have a tendency to slow down and choose to take less exercise. This leads to less calories being used by your dog and the chances of weight gain become quite high. Other side effects that indicate an accumulation of waste in a dog’s system are bad breath, poor coat quality, lack of vitality, stiffness and excess body odour. Accumulation of waste within a dog’s system can occur due to improper diet coupled with reduced ability in a senior dog to eliminate waste.

Burns diets already meet the requirements of senior dogs so we do not need to have separate diets. For senior dogs, we have a different feeding guide where we recommend cutting back their food slightly. We see it like with ourselves, as we get older we do not eat a different diet but we might eat a bit less food than we did when we were younger.

Feeding Guide for Senior Dogs

The starting point for calculating feeding amounts for senior dogs:

  • Senior dog : 8g per 1kg of body weight per day
Body Weight Senior
5kg 40g
10kg 80g
15kg 120g
20kg 160g
30kg 240g
40kg 320g
50kg 400g