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Everything you need for your new arrival

We’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure your new little friend has everything they need in the first few weeks and months…


A relaxing and stable environment for your puppy from day one can encourage appropriate behaviour in the months to come.

Below is a list of essentials to ensure a smooth transition…take a look!

Food and water bowl

Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are a good choice. Plastic bowls can be easily chewed, and chew marks can become a haven for bacteria to thrive.

What the… harness?!

Although you won’t be walking your new arrival straight away, you will still need to have their harness and lead ready for them. This will be a new concept for your puppy, so practicing wearing the harness and lead around the house will be essential before going out walking.


Harnesses are the best option for walking puppies, especially if you have a puppy that is very eager and is going to pull on the lead. Small or toy breeds will also benefit from a harness as this avoids any excess pressure being put on their delicate necks.


Harnesses and leads come in a variety of materials. An adjustable harness is recommended at this young age as they will grow with your puppy. A soft material is also advised to provide maximum comfort.


When fitting the collar, adjust the buckle so that you can comfortably fit a couple of fingers underneath the collar and their neck. Be sure to check the tightness of the collar on a regular basis and adjust as your puppy grows.

ID tag

Although microchipping is compulsory in England and Wales, it is still the law that all dogs wear an ID tag in public. This tag should have your name and contact details on it so that you can easily be reunited if your little one wanders off.

Bed and blankets

Your puppy is going to need somewhere to sleep so invest in a comfy bed and blanket to help them settle in. Some owners find that a dog crate can also help to create a nice secure environment.

Natural de-stress and calming spray

Contact your local vet and ask what natural calming sprays they have available. This is going to be a very stressful time for your new arrival and these sprays can have a nice calming effect. Spray a little on their bedding and surrounding area as well as yourself.

Puppy training pads

Toilet training is key, and puppy training pads will be perfect to assist you with this. Place the pad in the toilet area and your puppy will be attracted to the pad by its in-built scent. This is a very hygienic solution to house training.

General toys 

A good selection of toys should be available for your puppy to provide plenty of stimulation and help keep boredom at bay.

Teething toys 

There are lots of puppy toys on the market, so be sure to purchase ones suited to your puppy’s breed. Dog toys need to be non-toxic, durable and not too tough for your little one’s teeth.

Top Tip

“If you have a nice cosy blanket ready, it may be best dropping this off with your new puppy a couple of days before you are due to collect them. This will allow the blanket time to pick up their Mum’s scent and provide comfort for them on their first night in their new home”.

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