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We understand that dogs often have unique dietary requirements in the same way as humans do. That’s why our Sensitive range has been specially formulated for dogs with allergies and intolerances. Choose from our tailwaggingly-tasty varieties.

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Your dog’s digestive system is essential in the processing and absorption of all the nutrients in their food. The digestive system and skin of many dogs are frequently affected by allergies and food intolerances. One of the best ways to avoid digestive upset and support excellent physical and mental health is to make good dietary choices for your dog.

Burns’ extensive range of sensitive dog food not only benefits dogs with sensitive stomachs but also those with sensitive skin, promoting holistic overall health.
All of the Burns diets are formulated without common ingredients that are known to cause food intolerances such as wheat, soya, dairy, artificial colours and artificial preservatives, this means that all of our diets are suitable for sensitive dogs.

Our Sensitive food range includes the Sensitive Pork & Potato and Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice which naturally help to maintain healthy skin, coat and digestion. In our Sensitive line we use many novel ingredients that are easily digested and help ensure optimal absorption of the nutrients.

Gentle digestion is promoted through an optimal balance of highly digestible protein and fat, as well as through a unique blend of fibre sources for intestinal health.
For example, some of our products contain wholegrain maize; this is a novel carbohydrate that is highly digestible and a great source of Omega fatty acids, which are essential for a healthy skin and coat.
Other ingredients include vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, copper, manganese, iron, iodine, zinc and selenium. The added minerals and vitamins not only will serve your dog during sensitive periods but will also help maintain a good overall health.

The food’s hypoallergenic nature also makes it highly suited not only for dogs who can’t tolerate heavily processed foods, but also for dogs who don’t have known problems, as a precautionary measure for the future. In fact, as dogs get older, their digestive systems may undergo changes due to a lifetime of exposure to irritating products that they are not able to handle.

As with the rest of our dog food range, our Sensitive line is available in a variety of bag sizes to give dog owners the chance to check out our excellent food at affordable prices.