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Feeding Amounts

All the nutrients and nothing else

We know how easy it is to overfeed your dog and many pet parents tell us about it too.

Please use these charts below as a general guide to feeding your dog. Be mindful requirements do vary and depend on many factors like the age and breed of your pet, how active they are, whether they have been neutered, and other individual variations. A couple of tips:

  • If your pet is overweight, base the daily amount on target weight not actual weight.
  • Always make sure plenty of fresh water is available for your dog at all times. Being powered by Burns is thirsty work!

Great value for money!

You might be surprised at how small the Burns pet food portion sizes look but this is precisely because our food has high quality ingredients that are easily digested, so a little really does goes a long way. In other words we are a premium brand that won’t break the bank.

Feeding Guide: Puppy and Junior Dogs


The starting point for calculating feeding amounts:

  • Puppy : 20g per 1kg of body weight per day
  • Junior : 15g per 1kg of body weight per day


Current Weight of Dog Dry Food
Puppy (weaning to 6 months) 5kg 100g
10kg 200g
15kg 300g
20kg 400g
Junior (6-9 months) 5kg 75g
10kg 150g
15kg 225g
20kg 300g
25kg 375g

Feeding Guide: Adult Dogs

The starting point for calculating feeding amounts:

  • Adult : 10g per 1kg of body weight per day
  • Senior : 8g per 1kg of body weight per day


Reasons to reduce: neutered, senior, less active, ongoing health problem, overweight, warm environment, fussy dog, barking, persistent moulting or hyperactivity.

Body Weight Adult (9 Months +) Senior
5kg 50g 40g
10kg 100g 80g
15kg 150g 120g
20kg 200g 160g
30kg 300g 240g
40kg 400g 320g
50kg Up to 500g 400g

Feeding Guide: Wet Food

Wet food only Mixing wet food and complete dry food
Wet food Dry food wet food
10kg 400g 60g 150g
20kg 800g 150g 200g
30kg 1200g 200g 400g

One of our 150g pouches is worth around 40g of our dry food.

One of our 400g pouches is worth around 100g of our dry food.

Please adjust your dog’s food accordingly when mixing wet and dry food.

You can view our full range of dry dog food here or check our wet dog food range here.

Making a paws-itive change with Burns

Get in touch with the Burns Health and Nutrition Team for individually tailored advice on the right food type and amounts for your dog. At Burns we work to address pet health conditions brought about by unhealthy lifestyle and especially diet. Drawing on the link between health and nutrition, we developed dry pet food that offers the same benefits for your favourite furry friend as simple homecooked food.

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