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Free Dog Nutrition Advice

The Burns Pet Nutrition Helpline

Looking for dog nutrition advice?

Ever heard of the saying, “a problem shared is a problem halved”?

We have a team of nutritionists who offer free dog nutrition advice such as consultations, as well as answers to any questions you may have, no matter how small and from puppies to seniors. They are kind and supportive, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with them to help with your nutrition questions.

If you are a pet owner, stockist or veterinary professional, you can receive free dog nutrition advice from our team of nutritionists through email, live chat or telephone during our office hours on our free pet nutrition helpline. They will ask you a range of questions about your pet, including its age, breed, weight, activity level, current diet and any health issues it may be experiencing. Moreover, they can also provide you with samples to try the food before you decide to purchase it.

For a healthy pet, good nutrition is essential. Call our free helpline today if you need dog nutrition advice!

Common Questions

  • Which diet should I feed?
  • How much should I feed my dog?
  • he best dog food for allergies?
  • How can I resolve an issue with my pets food?
  • How do I transition over to Burns or from puppy to adult food?
  • What should I feed if my dog needs to lose or gain weight?
  • The best dog food for pancreatitis?
  • Which food is best for a fussy dog?
  • Which food is best for my puppy?

And much much more!

Call us: 0800 083 6696: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

Email us: 

Connect with us via Live Chat: For an instant response to your query,  Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.



Nutrition Manager Laura said,

“Our team know the Burns products inside-out, and we are continuously educating ourselves on all things related to pets, especially nutrition!

We, as a team, hold various qualifications including a Masters Degree in Animal Science (MSc) and several diplomas in canine and feline nutrition. Furthermore, we have accumulated many years of industry experience. To stay up to date with the latest research, we frequently attend veterinary congresses and webinars and are active members of UK Pet Food. We then apply our knowledge to our work on the free pet nutrition helpline.

We take pride in not being salespeople. If we do not have a suitable diet for your pet, we will be upfront and let you know. Our main priority is the health and well-being of your furry friend, and we are not interested in making a sale at the expense of their health.

Many pet owners are hesitant to call us, fearing that they may be a bother. However, we are here to help and genuinely enjoy doing so!”

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