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Common Problems

Relating to the diet of your pets

Common Problems in Pets Can Be Diet Related.

By Founder and Vet Surgeon John Burns

‘The idea for Burns Pet Nutrition came while working as a Veterinary Surgeon in general practice during the early 90s. I noticed that many pets were experiencing the same ailments time and time again.

Believing poor diet to be the primary cause, I recommended that clients feed their pets homecooked food to allow the body to function naturally, free from a build-up of toxic waste.

Of course, feeding homecooked food is a time consuming business and back in 1993 no brand of healthy pet food existed. This motivated me to develop my own Original dry food recipe based on chicken, brown rice and vegetables.

The concept was simple, a complete ready-made diet containing all the benefits of homecooked food.

25 years on, we have a diverse clientele of happy and healthy pets and our product range has evolved to include a number of high quality diets for dogs, cats and rabbits.’

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