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Lead The Way Dog Walking Group

... is a series of fun nationwide dog walking events designed to bring a community of dogs and their hoomans closer together, one epic walkie at a time.

Check out our next event!
Check out our next event! Check out our next event!


Established by Burns Pet Nutrition in 2018, and championed by our pawtners at Dog Furiendly, Lead the Way walks take place at different times and in various locations throughout the UK. When you take part in a lead the way walk, you’re spending more time outdoors, getting some great exercise and connecting with other dog loving enthusiasts.

Check out Dog Furiendly
Check out Dog Furiendly Check out Dog Furiendly

About Dog Furiendly …

Founded in 2018 by Adele, Dog Furiendly has come a long way from its blogging beginnings. Adele started Dog Furiendly to ensure that plans with her dog Charlie didn’t have to be compromised. What started as a small list of dog friendly places shared via a blog, has now turned into a tail-wagging community and easy to use travel platform.

The platform hasn’t been created alone, Adele has empowered 100’s of dog owners to share their favourite dog friendly places across the UK and Ireland in every nook and cranny. These amazing super heroes are called Explorers! With a helping paw, these Explorers help to fill as many geographical gaps as possible.

The platform has been created by dog owners, for dog owners. Thanks to these incredible humans, you’ll always find new places on Dog Furiendly, whether you come back in a day, a week or a month.


As a healthy pet food company, we’re on a mission to help pet parents and their dogs live the healthiest and happiest life possible. By launching Lead the Way, we hope to give dog enthusiasts all the tools they need to socialise, interact and have the best woofing time with other dog owners in their area. Why not pick up the lead, brush out your fur, slip on your shoes and join Burns and Dog Furiendly for a walk like no other.

Where is my nearest walk?
Where is my nearest walk? Where is my nearest walk?


Lead the Way group walks are back! Sign up to Dog Furiendlys’s mailing list below to get notified when new walks pop up across the UK SUBSCRIBE HERE


You and your dog

Taking your dog for a walk isn’t just good exercise, it’s also a great way to build a trusting relationship between the two of you and strengthen your bond. Hooman and dog relationships are built from time spent together. Dogs also get more confident when they spend time in the company of other dogs, which is why it’s important to get together with other pup parents once in a while.

Discover dog furiendly places ...
Discover dog furiendly places ... Discover dog furiendly places ...

Your Walking essentials…


This might seem like an obvious necessity for dog walking, but have you thought about which type of lead works best for your walk? You can choose to bring a standard lead, an extra long lead, a harness, a retractable lead or an umbilical dog lead to your walk 

Poo Bags!

Poo bags are essential on dog walks for obvious reasons. The last thing you want is for your dog to poop in the middle of nowhere and you have no way of cleaning it up. When choosing a poo bag, it’s always a good idea to get something that’s strong, and either recyclable or biodegradable.  

Water Bottle

Your dog might get thirsty on their walk, especially if it’s a hot day, so it’s always best to carry a portable water dispenser with you. You can choose from a collapsible dog bowl, a travel bottle, or a water dispenser bottle with a bowl attached.  


Taking a toy on a walk is always a good idea. Not only will an interactive toy distract your dog if they start to get a little over excited, but it’ll also provide them with a bit of comfort and help them burn off some energy if they need it.  


With all of the accessories you need during your walk, it’s probably a good idea to have a place to keep them all. A backpack, a shoulder bag, or even a bum-bag can save you from having to juggle lots of different items during your lead the way walk. 


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