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Sensitive Digestion in Dogs

Lots of dogs suffer with upset digestion, so it’s important to get the diet right.

Why is my dog’s tummy upset?

Some causes of upset digestion include:

  • Low quality ingredients
  • Dietary intolerance and allergies
  • Excess protein and fat
  • Overfeeding


What type of diet do I look for?

  • Hypo-allergenic, natural, containing wholegrains such as brown rice or wholegrain maize
  • A simple recipe with a single protein source
  • Lower in protein and fat
  • Free from additives
  • Highly digestible (less waste)


What diet should I choose for an upset tummy?

Sensitive Pork & Potato

Burns Sensitive Pork and potato is a good starting point being highly digestible and made with novel ingredients which are less likely to cause a dietary reaction.

Other varieties to try…

More tips!

  • Check with your vet to rule out other possible causes.
  • Undergo an elimination diet to rule out certain ingredients
  • Keep to the same diet for around 12 weeks unless we advise otherwise.
  • Avoid beef, wheat and dairy – 70+% of food intolerance in dogs.
  • Look for novel ingredients- ones your dog hasn’t eaten before.
  • Feed sparingly, overfeeding can cause upset tummies.
  • Avoid treats, dental chews and table scraps – vegetables are OK.
  • Every dog is an individual,  a food may suit one dog but not another.

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