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18th Oct 2023

Burns Catfé in Airfield Estate

by Burns Team Writer

Burns launches new range for cats in Ireland at the Burns Catfé in Airfield Estate

Following in the paw-prints and the success of its dog food, Burns Pet Nutrition has branched out and launched a new range of dry food for cats – and the range is sure to prove popular with feline friends and their humans alike.

The Burns Catfé will open in Airfield Estate, Dundrum from 14 – 22 October to celebrate the launch of Burns Pet Nutrition for cat and kittens in Ireland.  One of a kind, Burns Catfé will be situated in the farmers market in Airfield in Dundrum – a purpose built, creative enclosed installation for cats to purr and play in a secure interactive space, while their owners can meet up and enjoy coffee with friends and family.

Founder and vet surgeon, John Burns MBE BVMS MRCVS was at the Burns Catfé (Tuesday 17 October) to officially launch the new range in Ireland and meet some of Ireland’s furry friends.

With four new products now available, there’s never been a better time for cat owners to try something new.  The new range will also be available in 300g and 1.5kg bags from all pet stores throughout Ireland and from your local veterinary clinic.

The four tasty new vet-developed foods are Kitten Chicken & Rice, Adult Cat Chicken & Brown Rice, Turkey & Brown Rice and Sensitive Duck & Potato.

Burns Kitten Chicken & Rice is a complete, hypoallergenic diet that has been created specifically for supporting healthy growth and development. High-quality chicken protein provides kittens with all 11 essential amino acids such as taurine for normal heart function, vision and brain development.

Calcium and phosphorus maintain strong bones and zinc and selenium ensure a healthy immune system. Rice provides additional energy while wholegrain maize and chicken fat are great sources of essential fatty acids, linoleic and arachidonic acid.

For adult and senior cats, there’s Burns Original Cat Chicken & Brown Rice and Burns Original Cat Turkey & Brown Rice, both providing a complete, hypoallergenic diet suitable for both adult and senior cats.


These diets have been produced using high-quality natural ingredients that are highly digestible and naturally preserved, making them suitable for sensitive stomachs. Burns Original Cat is rich in B vitamins and contains all 11 essential amino acids including taurine to support healthy heart and eyes. Highly digestible ingredients such as chicken, turkey and wholegrains help to support and maintain healthy muscles and bones as well as a healthy immune system, while the controlled levels of protein and minerals help maintain healthy kidneys and urinary tract.

Finally, there’s a grain free option for cats who have extra-sensitive tummies, Burns Sensitive Cat Duck & Potato, a complete, grain free and hypoallergenic diet that is suitable for both adult and senior cats. The combination of highly digestible ingredients such as duck, potato and buckwheat has created not only a very tasty diet but is suitable for cats with digestive and food sensitivities.

The recipe contains natural, novel ingredients which help to avoid common food allergens such as beef and dairy. This complete, balanced diet contains all 11 essential amino acids required for cats to help maintain a healthy body inside and out.

Vet and founder of Burns Pet Nutrition, John Burns MBE, said: “We’re really delighted to be launching our new range of dry cat food, which has been developed to provide all the nutritional support needed to keep kittens and cats healthy.

“We pride ourselves on making high-quality and healthy food for our furry family members and our new range does exactly that. The fussiest of feline food connoisseurs will be meowing for more!”

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*66 out of 76 cats considered to be “fussy” by their owners (86.7%) in a poll of 183 cats trialling Burns Cat Original Chicken & Rice.”

In trials with the Burns Pet Nutrition customer panel,

Over 85% of adult cats described as fussy by their owners gave Burns Original Cat Chicken & Brown Rice a massive thumbs (or paws) up*.