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Feeding Your Puppy At 1 Year Old!

Advice for your large and giant breed puppy

 As an adult, it’s time to change your puppy’s feeding amounts. They’re no longer growing as fast and don’t need the same amount of food.

However, some larger breed dogs are still not ready to move on to an adult diet. There are numerous factors to take into consideration. If you think this is the case with your dog, please give our nutrition team a call.

If your pup is ready to move onto adult food, continue reading below …

Getting ready to make the switch to adult food

At 12 months their growth pattern will slow down, this is the reason for the reduction in feeding amounts

To avoid upsetting your puppy’s tummy, we recommend making the change from puppy to adult food over 10-14 days

Use the guide below to gradually increase the portions of adult food until your puppy has made the full switch to adult food




Don’t overfeed your puppy


Now your puppy’s growth has slowed down and they need less food, there’s a greater risk your junior can become overweight. Overweight dogs are at risk of health conditions and diseases that could affect the quality of their life later on.

We know how easy it is to overfeed your dog, but careful monitoring will keep your pup in healthy shape. If your puppy is overweight, base the daily amount on their target weight not their actual weight.


Although all of our diets are suitable for large breeds, our Large & Giant Breed recipe is formulated with bigger dogs in mind (with larger kibble size and added ingredients). For more information on this contact our nutrition team.


If your puppy has any special dietary requirements, we have several ranges which will be suitable.

We also sell food for assistance and working dogs.

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