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Is Your Puppy a Fussy Eater?

Advice for your large and giant breed puppy

Is your puppy a picky eater? … Have they stopped polishing off their meals with the same enthusiasm as they used to? If they have, don’t panic!

Here are some things you can do to help them get back on track …



Weigh your puppy.





Check whether you are feeding your puppy the right amount. As a Junior, they should be eating 15g of food per 1kg of body weight.





If you are feeding more than recommended, gradually cut back on their feeding amounts to meet our recommended feeding guidelines.





Limit treats and extras. These tend to be high in fat and protein and will be very filling.







If your puppy is starting to lose their waistline and you can no longer feel their ribs, then please get in touch with our nutrition team.



How to tell if your puppy is a healthy weight

Not all breeds are built the same, but what makes a 65kg Great Dane a healthy weight is no different from a 3kg Chihuahua.

You can check whether your puppy is a healthy weight with a simple test. Feel around their rib area. Can you feel their ribs? Can you see the outline of their ribcage? Your puppy’s last 2-3 ribs should be visible, especially when playing, twisting and turning.

If you can’t, it’s time to check your puppy’s weight and feeding amounts here


Food for thought ...

... try popping our moist food into a toy and freeze it. It will keep them entertained for hours!

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