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Sponsorship Stories

Supporting People, Rescue Animals and Pets across the UK

Great Dane Care

On a wet and windy Wednesday morning we were offered the perfect solution to brighten our day, a visit to Great Dane Care in Carmarthen. Great Dane Care has been sponsored by Burns for approximately 15 years which makes it one of our longest relationships. Great Dane Care is a fantastic rescue facility where the dogs want for nothing and are loved as their own. We are very proud to support them in all of their hard work.

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Support Dogs Save Lives

Judith was a lecturer at the Open University until she developed a progressive neurological condition called Cerebellar Ataxia. She had to take an early retirement and by 2006 was in a wheelchair. This had a huge effect on Judith’s independence and in turn her confidence.

That is until she adopted Alfie the Lhasa Apso, a support dog trained by one of our sponsors, Support Dogs. Alfie had a huge effect on Judith, giving her back the confidence that she once had, whilst finding himself a loving forever home.

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Joanne Tristram & Ellie Curtis – Team GB

Jo is a seasoned competitor and has been competing in agility for 13 years. During this time, she has been fortunate to compete in all major national finals and has competed internationally on numerous occasions. Brite, a 4-year-old Border Collie, is slightly newer to the circuit having been competing for just 18 months. Brite started her career out in the lower grades and has now worked her way up to Grade 7. We have sponsored Jo for 7 years meaning that Brite has been powered by Burns her whole life.

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Baby we were born to run

Stuart and Lisa Murray from Wolverhampton have a team of six Huskies. Lenny, Jingle, Tracker, Tubbs, Badger, Moose, Buck and Diago are aged between 2 and 7. They compete in both dryland and snow competitions across the UK and Europe with the dogs running distances of between 2 and 5 miles and reaching average speeds of around 16-18 miles per hour. We will be supporting the dogs with complimentary food to fuel them ready for the new season of racing.

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Our work with Support Dogs

Support Dogs provide, train and support specialist assistance dogs to help increase independence and quality of life for people with various medical conditions. The charity was formed in 1993 and has trained over 200 dogs of various size, breed and background, including pedigree dogs, cross breeds and rescue dogs.

We provide the trainee dogs with our award-winning dog food, funding a new Training Instructor and are on hand with our bespoke nutritional advice.

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Wag This Way

Burns Pet Nutrition wanted to help The Wag this Way walk organised by City Hospice, to raise money to fund the vital specialist palliative care they provide to patients with life-limiting illnesses across Cardiff. The Whitchurch-based centre provides medical, nursing and end-of-life care to people in their own homes as well as providing support to families. We were one of three companies sponsoring the charity event.

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