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Great Dane Care

by Burns Team Writer

We had a Great Dane out

On a wet and windy Wednesday morning, we were offered the perfect solution to brighten our day, a visit to Great Dane Care in Carmarthen. Great Dane Care is our longest standing sponsor and has been sponsored by Burns for over 15 years.

On arrival we were greeted by owner Liz and her husband Gordon with own Great Dane, Capone. Stood up on his hind legs Capone towered over the garden gate, but don’t be fooled by that image, Capone was far from intimidating even given his size. We have never had a cwtch as big as the one we received from Capone. Despite their size Great Danes are very affectionate and docile and will certainly try their best to cuddle and even sit in your lap given the opportunity.

It was clear to see that the dogs are number one and have every need met. Each dog resides in its own kennel with a fully built in sleeping area made from thermal blocks, with cow mats and shredded paper on the floor to ensure full comfort. The older dogs are even spoiled with a duvet.
As we took a tour of the first-rate facilities, Liz indulged us in the long-standing relationship between Great Dane Care and Burns Pet Nutrition; in fact it started when Burn Pet Nutrition was just a glint in John’s eye.

Liz and Gordon first met John in 1989 when he was working in their local veterinary practice and this turned out to be the beginning of the support John offered to them as they began their adventure to making Great Dane Care what it is today.

Just a year later, Liz and Gordon and a group of Great Dane owners, started rescuing Great Danes and this was the first steppingstone of their journey. By 1998 Great Dane Care was making strides towards becoming a fully-fledged rescue charity. This was finally realised in 2003 when they achieved registered charity status.

During this process Liz was working as a lecturer at Coleg Sir Gar and this has led to them now hosting students from the Animal Welfare and Animal Management courses for experience at the kennels.

Supported by a board of trustees, a newly appointed president, and volunteers representing all of the Great Dane clubs in the UK, Great Dane Care are now able to find the best forever homes for their dogs. All of the dogs are rehomed somewhere where they will be safe and loved like they truly deserve to be.

Great Dane Care is a fantastic rescue facility where the dogs want for nothing and are loved as their own. We are very proud to support them in all of their hard work.