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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

by Burns Team Writer

Who’s a good boy? Scamp’s a good boy! In fact, Scamp is the best boy and he has an award to prove it. On June 25, in recognition of a fantastic career, Scamp and his handler Stu at BWY Canine have received the CTSI Hero Award from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

Burns Pet Nutrition sponsors Scamp with donations of Burns Alert food to ensure that he is provided with the correct nutrition to support him in his busy work day. Scamp is an 8-year-old Springer Spaniel who found himself in the care of Stu after a family member was struggling to cope with his busy nature. Clearly that busy nature was meant for greater things and Stu put Scamp to work with his company BWY Canine Specialist Search Dogs. Scamp has been a tobacco and cash detection dog with BWY Canine since 2012. In that time, he has been responsible for locating over £6 million of illegal tobacco and over £1.5 million in cash.

During his career Scamp has worked with over 100 local authority trading standards services around the UK as well as the police and HMRC. It was these organisations who, in appreciation of Scamp’s work, put forward the nominations for the award resulting in Scamp receiving a total of nine nominations. The number of nominations really is a credit to his ability and the fantastic work that he has undertaken.

As proud as you can imagine most people are of Scamp and the work that he has done, not everyone appreciates how good Scamp is at his job. Recently Scamp found himself in a situation, that sounds like a storyline from Line of Duty. Scamp had a £25,000 bounty placed on his head and handler Stu received death threats after playing a significant role in disrupting organised crime.

Stu was presented with the award, on Scamp’s behalf, at a special award ceremony in London. The award was presented by Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb.

Mr Crabb commented,

‘I was thrilled to present this award to Scamp for the important and diligent detection work he has carried out. Stuart and the whole team at B.W.Y. Canine should be immensely proud of Scamp and what he has done. This goes to show the outstanding work being done by B.W.Y Canine and I look forward to catching up with them in Clunderwen soon.

We have been sponsoring Scamp for many years with our Burns Alert food. We were thrilled to hear that he has been recognised for all of his hard work’ said Bex, Sponsorship Officer for Burns Pet Nutrition.’


Owner Stu said,

‘We are very proud of Scamp and everything that he has achieved in his career so far. He works very hard and he is highly skilled, so this award is truly deserved. Feeding Scamp Burns Alert food helps to maintain a healthy working condition meaning that Scamp is always ready to work.’


Congratulations Scamp and Stu on such a fantastic and well-deserved achievement. It just goes to show you can achieve great things when you are #PoweredByBurns.

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Photo Credit: Gareth Davies Photography, Tenby