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22nd Feb 2019

Support Dogs powered by Burns Pet Nutrition

by Burns Team Writer

At Burns Pet Nutrition, we love working with organisations that make a real difference, so we’re extremely pleased to have teamed up with Support Dogs.

September 25 2014

We’re very excited about the new partnership, having read some of the amazing success stories and met some of the people the charity has helped, along with their valued companions.

Support Dogs provide, train and support specialist assistance dogs to help increase independence and quality of life for people with various medical conditions. The charity was formed in 1993 and has trained over 200 dogs of various size, breed and background, including pedigree dogs, cross breeds and rescue dogs.

The dogs carry out everyday tasks for people with physical disabilities, such as helping with laundry, dressing and undressing, and picking up dropped items. Assistance dogs help make social situations safer and less stressful for Autistic children and the dogs allocated to Epilepsy sufferers can even sniff out an approaching seizure, giving their owner plenty of time to find a safe place or get help!

We’ll be providing the trainee dogs with our award-winning dog food, funding a new Training Instructor and be on hand with our bespoke nutritional advice. Watch this space for some inspirational Support Dogs stories we’ll be sharing soon!