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Sponsorships - Sporting and agility

Supporting people and pets nationwide

At Burns we help support animals so that they can achieve their full potential.

That is why we support eleven agility dog trainers and their dogs, one flyball team and a team of huskies. It means a lot to us that we are able to help them achieve their goals by supporting them with complimentary food.

Giving animals the chance to meet their potential and to live the happiest life possible gives us an enormous sense of satisfaction.

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For information about the agility teams we support at Burns and how to get in touch about sponsorship opportunities, see below.

Mariann Bayliss


Marian and her dogs, Isla and Coral compete in Kennel Club competitions for agility and steeplechase.


Blackadders Flyball team

Blackadders Flyball team are based in the Neath area. Established in 2014 they are now one of the top 20 teams in Britain. They have 15 team members and 20 dogs in their team, headed up by captain Alistair Kirk.


Louise Caldwell

Louise and her dogs Trinity, Morpheus, Switch and Neo compete in agility competitions across the UK.


Isaac Hartley

Isaac and Keira compete at grade 7/ Championship classes. She is nearly 6 years old and has been at this level for two years.


Susie Josty

Susie and her dogs Oz & Pixie compete in agility competitions as members of Team Wales.


Chrissy Mitchell

Chrissy and her dogs Rosy, Meg and Blue compete in agility competitions across the UK.


Emma Pullan

Emma and her dogs Lexi, Boo and Lucy compete in agility competitions across the UK.


Rebecca Silk

Rebecca started training her Labrador Skye, at Cleveland Agility Training in October 2018, and had their first competition in the Summer of 2019. Skye currently competes at KC Grade 2 and Rebecca hopes to continue progressing up the grades and has ambitions to compete at Crufts.

When they’re not in the agility ring they’re also Explorers for Dog Furiendly and love to go out finding dog friendly businesses to spread the Dog Furiendly philosophy.

Jess Stevens

Jess and her dogs Jet and Ditto compete in agility competitions across the UK.


Chloe Smith

Chloe and Ziggy compete in agility competitions across the UK.

Stuart and Lisa – Husky sled team

Stuart and Lisa Murray from Wolverhampton have a team of six Huskies. Lenny, Jingle, Tracker, Tubbs, Badger, Moose, Buck and Diago are aged between 2 and 7. They compete in both dryland and snow competitions across the UK and Europe.

Ismay Thomson & Ian Douglas

Ismay and Ian compete in agility competitions across the UK with their dogs Ace, Tara and Fly.


Joanne Tristram

Jo and Brite were recently selected to represent Great Britain at the European Open Agility Championships.


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