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Search & Rescues

Supporting energetic dogs with complimentary food

To ensure the dogs are in peak condition for such a strenuous and energetic role we support 8 search and rescue teams with free Burns food.

We currently sponsor nine search and rescue teams across the UK. The dogs are trained in techniques that enable them to locate people who are in need of their help and support in the rescue:

Scroll down for further information on rescue teams we support and how to contact our team.

Capital SAR Dogs

Capital SAR Dogs is a search and rescue team consisting of four dogs and headed up by Jim Gilbert. Each dog is trained in a specialised type of search.


Alfie, a Border Collie, is trained in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), Buddy, a Spaniel, is trained in Air Scenting and Lowland Search and Rescue (LSAR) Chief, a Malinois, is trained in Mantrailing and Lowland Search and Rescue (LSAR) and our newest recruit Chica, a young Malinois, is learning the ropes and full of energy!


Jim, Alfie & Buddy also work with the London Fire Brigade.


Dorset Search Dogs

Dorset Search Dogs is a charity assisting the police, coastguard and other search and rescue teams in looking for missing persons across the South.


They are a team of volunteers that train their dogs to detect human scent and search by air scenting.


The dedicated team of dogs, handlers and operational supports make themselves available 24/7.


Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs

Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs is a voluntary organisation that provides nationally qualified search dog teams to support the emergency services when looking for vulnerable missing people.

Lake District Search and Rescue

The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association is the umbrella body for mountain rescue teams in Cumbria. They cover the Lake District and Cumbria with their 12 team members.

Lowland Rescue Search Dogs Sussex

Search Dogs Sussex provide response to search & rescue (SAR) emergencies in order to search for, rescue and recover those missing or in distress or potential distress. The team was founded in 2003 and is made up entirely of volunteers who (together with their dogs) undergo constant training and must meet rigorous standards in order to obtain operational status. In 2015 the team were awarded The Queens Award for Voluntary Service – the highest award a volunteer group can achieve. Some of us even got to meet the Queen! Being a registered charity, they receive no funding from the government and rely solely on donations and sponsorship to keep the team operational.

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is the umbrella body for the training of mountain rescue search dogs in England, covering the upland regions from Northumberland to Cornwall (Excluding the Lake District). Its handlers, who are all volunteers, are operational members of mountain rescue teams and MRSDE is an associate member of Mountain Rescue England and Wales.

SARDA Scotland

SARDA Scotland are a charity organisation that trains dogs and their handlers to search for missing persons. They cover all of Scotland, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.



SARDA Wales dog handlers are all volunteers who dedicate a considerable amount of time to developing skills with their dog. Most of their dog handlers are members of Mountain Rescue, Lowland Rescue or HM Coastguard Search and Rescue Teams.

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Giving animals the chance to meet their potential and to live the happiest life possible gives us an enormous sense of satisfaction. For more information about sponsorship opportunities please get in touch.

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