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Trinity & JJ June update

Published: Friday, July 31, 2015

Burns Pet Nutrition sponsors Louise Caldwell and her dogs JJ and Trinity. Here's their latest agility update!

Quad Paws Show - Mapleduram 28th May

JJ was more interested in the duck poop and became so obsessed by it I only ran him once! He did two jumps then stopped to sniff.

There was serious pressure for Trinity as we’ve needed just two UKA games points for over 2 years to move from novice to senior! We entered the ‘Time fault and out’ class and were first in the queue. Trinity was taking her time - we'd gone round once and the whistle hadn't gone so we started to go round again. Then the whistle went and I ran as fast as I could to the finish. Well, we did it and had 4 points for a wonderful second place!

Wye Valley Show - Monmouth  30-31 May

We had no clear rounds but both dogs where amazing, with me causing all the problems. In Trinity’s Dog Vagas qualifier with only two jumps to go I called her "in" but my body didn't turn and she jumped the jump the wrong way! My heart sank as we had gone the furthest without being eliminated.

Thames Show - Newbury Showground 14th June

This JJ’s Olympia qualifer and my heart was in my mouth!

After a fantastic start he did a perfect dog walk but started barking when he got into the weaves!  He missed the last weave pole and it all went wrong, with him failing to go through the tunnel under the A-frame, despite doing this in training!

In Grade 3-4 jumping, JJ was amazing! He was fast, turning tight and weaving super fast - so fast he headbutted the weave poles, causing him to go the wrong side of the pole (oops!).  JJ had a clear round in Grade 4 Jumping and I was enormously proud.

Trinity completely lost the plot! In the Olymyia qualifier she stopped to look at a caravan and wouldn't move. When  I got her going again, she was flying onto the seesaw. I said "go" and she certainly did go - she left the ring!! 

In Trinity's Grade 4 jumping she ran so fast she missed a jump! In Grade 4 agility she was doing her impression of a snail so to this day I don't know how she missed a weave pole! Bless her paws, she’s always keeping me on my toes.

Dogs Trust Show -  Margam Park 21st June

Trinity was on top form with a nice clear round in agility and a wonderful second place in the jumping. She then went on strike in the ‘power and speed’ class!

JJ won his jumping and steeplechase. I let him down in the agility as I  did a blind turn and he left the ring because we lost our connection. In the power and speed class he did perfect contacts, but flew straight out of the ring on the jumps! The judge said there had been a timing problem and we had to start again. JJ stayed focused, but went round the final jump! Sometime it doesn't matter how many chances you have what will be will be.

Wraxall Show -  27-28 June

JJ was on top form with just a few faults, just silly things so I was very pleased with him. On the Sunday he must have been tired as he couldn't sit on the wet grass in the agility so he wouldnt wait at the start line! He then flew in the tunnel and back out the same way! He missed a weave but then actually went out of his way to run round the last two jumps!  Both his jumping classes were the same – I’m definitely locking the back door at night to stop him going out partying!

Trinity had a lovely clear round on the Saturday in Grade 4-7 combined jumping and was paw perfect! Her agility was really hard - out of 124 dogs only two had clear rounds -  sadly we weren't one of the two.

Sunday morning was horrible and rainy, so I wasn't expecting much but Trinity ran her heart out and had a lovely clear run which turned out to be a second place. Unfortunately she stopped to look at my friend filming her in the jumping and had time faults!

Until next time, 

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