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03rd Oct 2023

Greyhound Rescue's 30th Anniversary

by Burns Team Writer

Have you ever considered volunteering at an animal shelter?

The team at Burns Pet Nutrition have been supporting rescues like Greyhound Rescue Wales throughout the years, as we understand the importance of giving back wherever possible. One of our favourite ways to help is by getting stuck into volunteer work at the shelter. Our lovely nutritionist, Karen, learned a lot during her experience volunteering at Greyhound Rescue Wales.

Karen was impressed by the array of facilities available to rescue dogs, both indoors and outdoors:

“I arrived at the centre for a morning of volunteering and was made very welcome by Sabrina and Elaine. I was given a tour of the site and was very impressed with their facilities! The kennels are light and airy, the dogs have access to a large secure field to run around in, and there’s also a house where they can get used to living in a home environment! Amazingly, Greyhound Rescue Wales also has an interactive room where the dogs play and use enrichment toys such as snuffle mats!”

After having a tour and learning about the rescue, it was time to take a few of the dogs on walks around the local moorland. Not only did this help the rescue dogs get used to different environments, but it also gave them a fun activity to start the day with. Karen was more than happy to oblige!

“I took Dilys, a very gentle girl who already seemed quite confident and was a joy to walk! After a quick drink of water, it was time to take Frankie out and about in the locality to get her used to traffic, and urban noises and people. She loved all the attention from the locals and was so nosey, it was a delight watching her taking in all the new experiences”.

Following the morning walkies, Karen headed back to base to feed some of the leaner dogs. Pet nutrition being Karen’s expertise, it was a pleasure to hear how well Burns recipes work for dogs of all sizes and lifestyles at Greyhound Rescue Wales. Leaner dogs thrive on Burns Puppy Original, which our Nutritionists typically recommend for dogs needing to increase their weight. Karen chatted with the team at Greyhound Rescue Wales about all things nutrition before taking the dogs to have a snooze and some quiet time.

Having spent the morning volunteering, Karen wanted to stay all day long but sadly had to depart.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay all day but I loved my time there and will definitely be volunteering again! Not knowing the breeds very well going into the experience, I definitely had my eyes opened and learned a lot from the wonderful rescue staff”.

Many shelter dogs make wonderful, loyal companions and often fit in very well with the home environment. Surprised that many of the rescue greyhounds hadn’t yet been adopted, Karen has no doubt that Greyhound Rescue Wales will make every effort to ensure they find their forever homes quickly and safely.