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20th Feb 2023

My Dog Match

by Burns Team Writer

Meet Your Perfect Dog Match

So you’ve decided to introduce a faithful friend to your family, lifestyle and home. Have you thought about what you’re really looking for in a dog?

With, we aim to help dog lovers find their perfect furry companion!

Our research finds that…

  • 31% owners admit they chose their dog based on looks.
  • Half of dog owners picked a dog based on personality traits and suitability of lifestyle.
  • 42% of owners regret the dog breed they get, admitting they would do things differently next time.
  • More than one in 10 say they wouldn’t choose the same breed again.
  • 5% said that the are put off ever getting a dog again!


Those looking for a new puppy or dog can first choose the dog based on looks and then read all the information they need, from the health tests the parent should have, how much exercise they need, the grooming requirements and the pros and cons of the breed.


Dog lover Ollie Ollerton who is supporting the campaign commented: “I did my research when I got Murphy, but many don’t. I made sure to look at the pros and cons of the breeds I liked and chose a Labrador because I was most willing to accept the cons and felt that the breed best suited my lifestyle. I urge others to use to help them find their perfect match.”


John Burns MBE, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition added: “It is important to do your research not only on the breed to make sure you have the right dog for you. Your dog will be with you for anything between 10-15 years of your life, and some can have expensive insurance costs and vet bills that you need to be prepared for. There are so many amazing breeds, there is a dog for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one for you and your family.”


It is also important to make sure once you know the breed for you, to find the right breeder. A responsible breeder will interview you to make sure that you are going to offer the right home to their puppy and ensure you take your puppy home with all the information you need to know to have a happy life together. Yet despite this, 35% dog owners don’t think they got all the information they needed from their breeder.


At Burns, we support ethical breeding and urge potential pet owners to do the same. A responsible dog breeder will…

  • Allow you to visit their homes and the environment in which the puppies are kept. The area should be well cared for and roomy.
  • Invite you to see the puppy with its mother and the litter.
  • Care for puppies that are happy, healthy, and confident with humans.
  • Have good records of any treatments and have customer references.
  • Inform you of vaccinations already done and those still required.
  • Won’t have an endless number of puppies available.


Find your perfect furry companion at