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29th Nov 2022

Jack Russell: The New Royal Dog

by Burns Team Writer

The nation’s new King and Queen consort are proud Jack Russell owners, meaning these little terriers have taken over from the Corgi as the new royal dog of choice. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the beloved Jack Russell.


Registrations of the breed have increased by 71% this year compared to 2021

Although many people were buying Corgis following the Queen’s passing, Jack Russells have taken over! New research from the Kennel Club shows that, since the King has taken over, the people of Britain have become quite smitten with the loveable Jack Russell.


They are popular on screen

Jack Russell’s are much-loved on screen after roles as Jim Carrey’s dog named Milo in The Mask, Skip in My Dog Skip and Uggie in the Oscar-winning The Artist.


They don’t make the UK’s top 10

You would have thought, given how often they are seen around and how popular they are, that Jack Russell’s would be in the UK’s top 10 most popular dog breeds. However, they are 15th according to research by YouGov.


Why were Jack Russell’s bred?

Like the corgi, Jack Russell’s originate from the UK, having been bred for fox hunting in England due to their fearless and athletic nature. They are most known for hunting for rats.

Whilst they were originally bred to dig out rats, now that most places in the UK are anti-hunting, Jack Russell’s have become the perfect companion dog, they’re fiercely loyal and totally devoted to their owners.

The terrier in them is always perfect for keeping out pesky critters from your home.


Where did the name Jack Russell come from?

Jack Russell’s are named after the breeds original breeder, named Reverend John Russell who was a keen hunter.


What is a Jack Russell made up of?

Reverend John Russell crossbred two dogs to create the Jack Russell. It isn’t known exactly which breeds were used but it is believed that Bull Terriers and Beagles were involved.


The difference between Jack Russell Terrier and Parson Russell Terrier

The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organisation for dog health, says the Parson Russell Terrier, which is of show standard, is similar in appearance but it is slightly larger in size. The Jack Russell, of a working standard, has shorter legs.


They come in all shapes, sizes and colours!

These little terriers weigh around 6-8kg. The miniature Jack Russell (known as Jack Pin, Mini Jack, Miniature Jack)

Miniature Jack Russells are typically bred between a smaller breed like a Chihuahua, weighing in at 4-6kg. This makes them look much like the trusty terrier but they are much shorter and smaller than Jack Russell Terriers.

Jack Russells also come in white, black and tan.


They are very energetic

Lots of prospective dog owners are often surprised when they find out they are full of energy. Just because Jack Russells are small pooches, this certainly doesn’t mean that they are lap dogs! These energetic dogs need plenty of daily exercise.


Average age

A Jack Russell’s average age life expectancy is slightly above average compared to a normal dog. If you get one, they will likely be beside you for between 12 and 17 years.

Jack Russells are generally very healthy dogs, although some are prone to dental issues and weight gain/obesity. Like any dog, you can look after a Jack Russell with the right diet and exercise levels to ensure they’re cheeky and chirpy throughout their lives.