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Making the Switch to Adult Food

Advice for your toy and small breed puppy

Our step by step guide to transitioning to adult food …

By 9 months old, most toy and small breeds have reached 100% of their adult size and it’s time to make the switch to adult food so they can benefit from optimal levels of ingredients and nutrients that they need in their daily lives.

Use the guide below to gradually increase the portions of adult food until your puppy has made the full switch to adult food. To avoid upsetting your puppy’s tummy, we recommend making the change from puppy to adult food over 10-14 days.


Wean your puppy from their puppy food to their new adult food over a 14 day period.

Mix the old & new food together and serve according to the guidelines demonstrated in the image.

Slowly but surely, lower the amount of original food until only Burns is being fed.


Now your pup is ready to move on to adult food … take a look at our full range here or search for your nearest stockist.





Unsure of how much to feed?

Our expert nutritionists can answer any diet-related questions

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