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Making a splash with Splash Paws

Published: Thursday, March 26, 2015

We're thrilled to announce their partnership with Splash Paws Canine Hydrotherapy Referral Centre in Staplehurst, Kent.

Splash Paws offers 1-on-1 hydrotherapy sessions for dogs, carried out by qualified hydrotherapists, to improve their health, mobility, physical and mental well-being. The centre uses the latest equipment and is the only UK canine hydrotherapy centre to have the Premium Physio-Tech Underwater Treadmill (pictured below).

Hydrotherapy involves non-weight bearing exercise in heated water, which is ideal for helping dogs with many conditions such as orthopaedic problemsor those recovering from injury or surgical procedures. It also helps keep dogs in great physical condition which is why Splash Paws offers fitness sessions for agility and show dogs.

We've donated £5,000 towards a new therapy room being built at the centre and we'll be donating our award-winning natural pet food to every rescue dog that receives a hydrotherapy session.

Our founder John Burns says:  “I was very impressed by the unique approach taken by Splash Paws and delighted to be able to help financially and by donating food. As a follower of holistic practice and acupuncture, I see hydrotherapy as a very natural way to help dogs recover and benefit from exercise that is easy on the joints.”

Splash Paws will be offering reduced rate sessions to local rescue centres, to help rehabilitate injured and ill dogs, giving them a better quality of life and a greater chance of being rehomed.

Graham Cooper, who founded the centre alongside his wife Julie, said:  “I am extremely proud and excited to have the opportunity to work in partnership with Burns Pet Nutrition. I believe that hydrotherapy at Splash Paws and Burns’ award winning food is an amazing formula that will most certainly improve the lives of many dogs in rescue charities. I would like to thank John Burns for his kind support for this project.”


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