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Veteran vet nurse; Fat is normal; Pub delight; Job cuts

Published: Friday, November 5, 2010

Veteran vet nurse
I’ve just received my copy of the latest Royal College of Vets survey into the profession. I see that the age range for VNs (veterinary nurses) is 17 to 80! Somewhere there is an 80 year old veterinary nurse still working.

Fat is normal
This morning I’ve been looking at photographs of two different dogs, the owners of whom (which?) think they are too thin. Yes, they are lean but they look fit and healthy which is how they are supposed to be. We are becoming conditioned to the overweight dog being “normal”.

Pub delight
The other night in the pub I ordered a wine which came in a small screw-top bottle. The young barman used his front shirt-tail to unscrew the cap. I think he learned the technique in his previous job at Fawlty Towers. As my friend Rob said “At least he didn’t use his underpants.”

Talking of pubs my wife and I stayed in a pub in Farndon in Cheshire last week. The staff were very friendly but there were some serious fire safety issues – at night I found myself feeling my way along the dark, second floor landing in search of the light; in the morning the door between the first floor breakfast room and the stairs to the ground floor was locked with no key. Our offices are safer and no-one spends the night in them.
How do they get away with it? One for the Health and Safety executive.

Job cuts
Some 35 captains of industry have written to the Daily telegraph to support the Government’s cuts and to endorse Slasher Osborne’s expectation that their companies will make up the anticipated public-sector job losses.

Among them is the chief of Diageo, which is the same Diageo which announced on July 1st the closure of the Johnnie Walker whisky factories in Scotland. Instead of exporting whisky Diageo is exporting the jobs.

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