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When Rabbits Attack!

Published: Monday, March 7, 2011

Fiona had to go away on Friday to set up for the Dog Days at Westonbirt show which ran over Saturday and Sunday. She had asked me to feed her rabbits and cat, as I had done many times before, and I agreed.

By the time I got there on Friday it was dark and so I put the rabbit food in each of the cages along with a little extra hay. I then went inside the house to greet and feed Charlie the cat. She loves me and, as always, rolled around on her back!

Saturday morning and evening the feeding of the animals went well with no hiccups, incidents or accidents and so on to the final day …

Sunday morning … Alice and George needed fresh water in their bottle and Molly and Steel needed water in their bowl. Alice and George were fine but as I opened the door and reached in to get the bowl for the other pair Molly flew at me and bit me! The air had a tinge of blue for a moment ... I continued to try and retrieve the bowl but the little B**** (bunny!) bit me again!!!!!

The air was now completely blue as this bite went right through my coat and straight through a recent burn scar! “Ouch that hurt!” was not quite what I said!

I sent a text to Fiona to tell her what had happened and she felt awful and kept apologising. She then offered me money for my damaged coat – should I tell her it was my best Helly Hanson?

This is the danger of looking after animals who are not used to you.

I obviously STINK!!! To Molly I must smell of a dog she is unfamiliar with and this must be scary so she attacked, but why did she leave it until the last day? Bright as a button? She knew if she bit me on day one I would not feed her for the whole weekend!

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