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Trinity & JJ March update

Published: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Burns Pet Nutrition sponsors Louise Caldwell and her dogs JJ and Trinity. Here's their latest agility update!


JJ has been coming back into work nicely and competed at the UKA Valentine's Show at Cheltenham Racecourse. He has been really fast - with a fabulous first place in his novice jumping and second place in his steeplechase. I'm so pleased with him!

He also went to BHC Agility at Wenvoe in Cardiff. We were eliminated in the steeplechase but came second in the tunnel challenge to a very experienced dog and handler, which in itself is a huge achievement!


Trinity has now participated in three UKA shows. The first one was agility rocks where she came home with 2nd place in novice jumping and 3rd place in senior steeplechase. Really pleased with her!

We then went to UKA Valentines where unfortunately she was eliminated in agility for going to the wrong end of the tunnel - still trying to work that out as it was a straight line to the entrance! She also was eliminated in her jumping for going in the wrong end of the tunnel - I called and called but she put her ears flat back and continued anyway (oops!). She made up for it by coming second in the senior steeplechase and by winning her other two senior steeplechases - she's now a steeplechase champ!

We then went to Kings UKA Show on 28th Feb in Bromyard, Herefordshire, to try and get our two games points to move up to senior agility. It was Snakes and Ladders so we were in with a chance. She ran beautifully and didn't put a paw wrong, but then she saw her friend and wouldn't come away from her!  Aargh! The whistle went with just 4 weaves to go and I was absolutely gutted - two years for these two points. All was not lost, as we still won the class as we gained the most points. What will happen in our next games class?  

I then entered her into the agility. Again, she ran paw perfect until I bent down causing her to back jump! I didn't mind as she ran so well and I should really have stood up. Oops! We live and learn. I also took her to BHC Agility where she not only won the agility, she also won the jumping and had a lovely clear in the steeplechase. Very proud!

Until next time, 

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