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Trinity & JJ July & August update

Published: Monday, October 19, 2015

Louise’s posts are fantastic for any Burns customers wanting to get into agility, as she talks about what goes wrong as well as her success! Here’s the July and August update from Louise, JJ and Trinity.


Saturday 5th July

OnSaturdaya girl called Jess wanted to run JJ as she runs him in training sometimes. He was an absolute little monkey all day! He ran super fast but in which ever direction he wanted - checking out the scrim tent for food mainly.

Sunday 6th July

We had 4-7 agility up first on Sunday. It was a great course and I was convinced it suited us both. So we were off beautiful weaves and JJ was listening

I sent him over the wrong jump (rubbish handling) – even worse when I’d ran Trinity over the same course. Even the judge gave me some handling advice: "They did what you asked,  next time turn your shoulders."

Trinity had a lovely jumping round in the heaviest of rain, running nice and steady so we didn't fall over! It was paw perfect, just a shame it was very out of time. We learnt a very valuable lesson - JJ doesn't run in the rain!


Captain Jack's UKA charity show Cheltenham

Saturday 17th July

Lazy handling by me on the Saturday with JJ in agility. I didn't work him and he refused to listen, got bored and jumped up on top of the tunnel to bark in my face! The worst bit hearing laughter directed at us. I then got him out of the tunnel sent him into the weaves and he fell over!

To redeem ourselves he came second straight afterwards in a steeplechase - go us!

In the gamblers he was flying, but he confused “through” (which to him means tunnel) with the photographer’s bags! I then asked him to go up the dog walk, but he chose the A-frame, which meant the gambler judge nearly crashed into me! JJ is so special.

Trinity was on fire and won her first ever senior gamblers with a non qualifying score! Despite having lost the will to run her agility as it was hard and slow, she won even with faults - woohoo!

Sunday 18th July

Trinity was feeling fresh after an early night in the tent. I put her on the start line for her senior jumping and she flew! I was running as fast as my legs would let me – she won with points and a trophy!

She was keen at first in the Snooker but then she went the slowest she's been in a while. We nearly had a qualifying score but I forgot to send her over the first colour again. We still won it but it wasn't hard as she was the only dog.

JJ didn't sleep so well in the tent and ran straight past the A-frame in his agility – which was a puzzle as it was in a straight line after 4 jumps. He came a very well deserved 4th in Jumping. All in all we had a great weekend and no matter what goes on we stay positive and happy.


UKA nationals - Cheltenham 30th July

I only took JJ as he needed the extra ring time and he had a fantastic second place in Jumping. We then lined up for our time fault - we were flying to the finish but I cost him time by sending him over the wrong jump when the whistle went. Soon as the whistle goes you need to get to the finish to stop the clock.


Diamond Bristol 1st - 2nd August

JJ was on top form - 100th of a second off first place all the time! He had 5 out 6 runs clear, didn't like the prickly ground but he did me proud he won the grade 4 agility – so he is now grade 5! How far has this boy come!

Trinity had four clear rounds but only two in the time. I was so proud of her. She ran lovely and even did a bit of speed weaving - not too much though she doesn't like to overdo it!

Agility rocks for Teejay - Cheltenham 15th August

I only took Trinity as we were trying out for the pairs qualifier. She had a lovely jumping run giving her a lovely second place rosette and a very happy mummy!

Fiona (Burns Nutritionist) and Yogi went first and were clear in the pairs qualifier. Fiona was ready to hand over the baton when the bird scarier went off! I freaked out as Trinity hates loud noises, which caused her to miss her weave as I was on top of her saying "It's ok, it's ok"! Poor trinity and her rubbish handler!

Until next time, 

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