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Saturday night out; Assistance dog; Egypt in numbers; ADHD

Published: Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday Night Out
Saturday evening found me in a rugby club which shall be nameless. A match sponsor had laid on food; entertainment in the shape of a singer was also on the menu. There was hardly anyone there. One worthy, the worst for wear, had to be restrained from throwing the tables and chairs around which everyone thought was great fun. I decided to move on to Kidwelly Hall for the Kidwelly’s Got Talent competition run by the Netball Club.

Most events in the town struggle for support but this time the hall was packed. The acts were really good and some of the singers sang in tune which was nice. For me the best act was Emily and Jenny who did a dance routine wearing enormous Sumo wrestler outfits. All done in the best possible taste. Only one person asked me for a job.

I was climbing into bed at twenty past one when my phone pinged. “Do you fancy a dance?” - a text from a female colleague. I think she’d done it for a bet. Just a normal Saturday night in Kidwelly.

Assistance Dog
We all love an animal story and the Daily Mail on Saturday had a good one about a canine minder called Shirley. Rebecca Farrar is a seven year old diabetic and Shirley, her Labrador, has been trained to alert her or her teacher that her blood sugar level is becoming abnormal. Remedial action can then be taken to avoid Rebecca going into a fit or coma. You can read more about this at www.medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk

Egypt in Numbers 
Some interesting numbers from the weekend:

Egypt has the 8th largest army in the world (BBC News)
The US donated $250 million in economic aid last year (New Statesman)
The US donated $1.3 billion in military aid last year (New Statesman)
Egypt has been a military dictatorship for over 30 years.
President Mubarak has amassed a personal fortune estimated to be $70 billion (Observer)

I’ve had a comment about Friday’s piece on ADHD;
I’m not saying that the scion of the line [daughter]  has a tendency to ADHD, however if I thought I might get an extra ten minutes snooze of a morning I might well consider trying her out on the high energy lamb … I know that as a reward during potty training she responded most favourably to the venison ears” David  
He may be joking.

Still with Friday’s blog, I see that the word “colourant” has appeared as the American version “colorant”. Perhaps the computer changed it automatically.

(Ed. Sorry John. It just goes to prove that you should never trust spell checker. Time to invest in the shorter Oxford Dictionary perhaps?)

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