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Crufts; advice; the kilt; dog poo; tyrants united

Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Most of last week was taken up with Crufts which seems to be to be smaller than it was. I remember lengthy traffic delays on the way in but it’s definitely not as busy as it used to be. Perhaps it’s the bad vibes about the Kennel Club’s attitude to dodgy dog breeding or it may be the recession. Meeting lots of happy Burns customers is good for massaging my ego; I can take any amount of that. When I talk to owners who are delighted with  their pet’s health on Burns I often detect that there is room for even further improvement. This is usually because they are feeding too much Burns or they are giving too many extras. Getting that part right is just as important as having the right basic food.

I was particularly delighted to meet a Scottish lady called Marion and her Yorkshire husband who live near Harrogate. She told me that, after speaking to our Helpline, she didn’t even give vegetables because she had been told to give nothing else. “What is the point of asking for advice if you don’t follow it,” she said. How refreshing! Most of us are only interested in taking advice when it agrees with what we intend to do anyway. I could have taken her home with me!

The Kilt
I am often asked what is worn under the kilt. The answer of course is that nothing is worn – it’s all in perfect working order!  Boom boom!!

Dog Poo
On the way in to Crufts I saw lots of responsible dog owners picking up their dog’s poo in plastic bags to be binned for future generations to deal with. I use a Biobag which is made from plant cellulose so it is completely compostable. It will all be gone in three weeks. The amount of poo which is produced on Burns is so little that if everyone fed their dogs on Burns the perennial problem of dog poo could be halved at a stroke.

Tyrants Unite
I see that Saudi armed forces have gone into Bahrain to help quell the natives. It’s good to see despots standing shoulder to shoulder when their ungrateful subjects become restless and start demanding freedom.

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