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Big Society

Published: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Big Society is in the forefront of the news thanks to David Cameron’s vision. Perhaps he is trying to distance himself from the Blessed Margaret Thatcher, one of whose more batty sayings was “There is no such thing as society.”

There is a holiday camp just down the road from here so there is a huge amount of litter strewn in the hedge all the way down to the River Walk. Every day I walk past and every day I promise myself I will come back and gather it up - but I haven’t done it yet. It’s all a question of time; actually it’s mainly about time; it’s also a question of motivation. If I wanted to enough, I would do it.  Ieaun, a local councillor, used to pick up the litter in the street (perhaps he still does) and locals thought he was mad.

I like this letter on the subject of the Big Society from The Independent:
“We live in the DIY Society; personal pensions, personal choice; excessive personal credit; deregulation, privatisation, de-mutualisation; personal computers, Twitter and Facebook; fragmented families, faith schools, ethnic ghettos, gated communities, obscene personal bonuses; even respect for personal greed. This is the amazing gift of Thatcherism and New Labour. The Big Society is the opposite of this: the promotion of the community and civic virtue.” Philip Morgan, Winchester.

A rude slip of the Tongue (look away if easily offended!) 

Question: Who said this? “SHIT!” 
Answer: It’s Sean Connery training his dog. (It’s not mine; my wife Tegwen heard it on the radio).

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