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Published: Monday, November 8, 2010

Behind the times
A beautiful sunny morning in spite of the dire weather forecast.  As usual we are half a day in front of everybody else weather-wise. (Otherwise we’re fifty years behind.)
We’ve already had the hammering during the night. Even the wild bird seed feeder is waterlogged which I’ve never seen before. I have to take it out of commission to clean and dry it out or the seed will become mouldy.

On the beach
I’m a little embarrassed that we have a holiday home – it’s in West Wales and we were there at the weekend for a get-together in honour of mother-in-law’s birthday.
Sunday morning was glorious and we went for a walk on the beach at Freshwater East.
There were lots of dogs, even a few lean ones although most were fat, which of course is  a fair reflection of the dog population as a whole.
There was a huge crop of sloes near the beach so we picked a bucketful.  Sloe gin goes well when mixed with rose champagne, but not for breakfast of course. In the process I managed to step in some dog turd – lovely!

Travel guides
Our daughter Amy has just come back from Tenerife. We are going next month.  I had a quick look at her guide book.  We are going to a town called El Medano which according to her book is “too windy for sunbathing and lacks charm.”  I find it charming but what do I know; this will be my third visit there.

On the subject of travel guides, some years ago I read Paul Theroux’ book “The Kingdom by the Sea” in which he journeyed round the coast of Britain.  I thought he caught perfectly the towns I know in South Wales which suggests he will be reliable when describing places I don’t know.

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