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10 Dogs Who Will Do Anything For Treats

Published: Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dogs live for treats, and whether they're dressing up, running along the coast or pretending to snooze, a tasty snack is never too far away.  Let's take a look at the treat trailblazers leading the way...


The dog who has NO IDEA who Lord Blackadder is.


The dog who will stay calm against all odds.


The dog who has been stuck in this pose for 40 minutes and counting.


The dog who never breaks a smile, just in case.


The dog who *knows* there are treats hidden somewhere and by jove, she's gonna find them.


The dog who has taken one for the team and volunteered to do the weekly shop.


The dog who knows how to use the power of good looks to get what he wants. 


The dogs who have nailed the unison pose down to a tee.


The dog who will sport a 1980s Madonna haircut, no questions asked.


The dog who is willing to dress up as a treat, in the hope he will get a treat


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