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Making The Switch to Burns Puppy Food

Advice for your medium breed puppy

Introducing your puppy to Burns food …

If your puppy is new to Burns and on a different brand of food from the breeder, here’s our handy tips to making the switch…


Before attempting to change your puppy’s diet, make sure your pup is settled into their new home first.

Make the change to Burns pet food gradually. We recommend this transition be done over a 10-14-day period.

 Start by introducing 25% of their new puppy food into their bowl and gradually increase to 100% whilst decreasing the current diet accordingly.

Feeding your puppy

Our puppy  food is formulated with controlled levels of protein and fat which helps to ensure your pup follows a slow and steady growth pattern.


The Burns puppy food is also very easy to digest so you don’t have to feed large amounts, making it great for a puppy’s small stomach.

Feeding guide


The benefits of giving your puppy healthy feeding amounts lasts well into adulthood.

A simple rule of thumb is to feed your puppy 20g per 1kg of body weight per day.

Complete formula! … everything your puppy needs to thrive … No nasties!… Just natural, high quality and healthy pet food.

Top Tip!

“It’s normal to expect puppies to have some digestive upset in the first few days of moving into their new home. This can be caused by the excitement and anxiety that comes with the change of home and environment.

If your puppy’s stomach is upset, try some homecooked chicken and rice to settle their stomach.”

Laura Crotch-Harvey, Nutrition Manager

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