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5 Ways To Make a Difference on Earth Day With Your Dog

by Burns Team Writer

It’s Earth Day – let’s respect the planet for today  and the years ahead. Small things can make a whole world of difference.

There are a lot of ways to help your pets have less of an impact on the environment. The choices can be overwhelming and not every option is practical for your lifestyle though. Remember, it’s not about doing everything right, it’s about doing one or two simple things right. If everyone made even one small change, together it could have a big impact.

1. ‘Think Quality’ – don’t overfeed

The production of meat takes a large toll on the environment because of the resources it takes to produce that meat – choose your pet food wisely. In addition to potentially making your pet fat and hurting their health, feeding your pet more protein than they need is unnecessary. The protein quality is more important than the quantity, it should be highly digestible, this means that you won’t need to feed as much to fulfil your pet’s needs.

With a poor quality food you may need to feed twice the amount of a high quality one so it will have more of an environmental impact. Read our Debunking the Dog Protein Myth blog to find out more about high protein dog diets being unnecessary today.

2. Think ‘Do I need this?’ – consume less things

Don’t buy your pooch stuff they simply don’t need and choose products with less packaging. Ask yourself – does my dog really need that extra lead or that overcoat? Choose online from companies that use less shipping materials and use recycled packing materials.

3. Think ‘Recycle, recycle, recycle’ – know your packaging

Choose a recyclable food packaging. Donate ‘gently used’ pet supplies like toys, bowls, blankets, coats, etc. to a shelter or rescue to reduce the need for new materials and help keep stuff out of landfills. Also, be sure to recycle the packaging of what you do buy and choose products that are made with recycled materials when you can.  Burns has recently moved to a recyclable plastic for its dry food, check out the new packaging.

4. ‘Think food miles’ – shop local

And buy sourced locally where possible. Burns tries its best to do this and has shop local loyalty scheme campaigns to support the high street. You can further reduce the need for transporting these items by buying dog food, treats, toys, beds, etc. at local farmers markets or from a local company.

5. Think ahead – use biodegradable poo bags

Use biodegradable poo bags to collect your dogs poo on a walk and make sure you dispose of it correctly. Plastic poo bags hung from trees are a terrible site and can be harmful for wildlife. Also, if you feed a highly digestible food there won’t be as much poo to pick up so this will mean less poo bags that need to be used, a win-win situation.

Even during lockdown a walk is allowed – but remember to use a litter picker and PPE if you do this as you don’t want to spread the virus!