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06th Jul 2022

Britain’s Dog Poo Scandal: 5 times a day?!

by Burns Team Writer

Britain’s Dog Poo Scandal: 5 times a day?!

There’s nothing worse than going for a walk and realising that you’ve stepped in something smelly.

Britain’s Dog Poo Scandal’s presenter Alexis Conran recently investigated the increasing problem of dog poo in Britain’s public spaces. Alexis said that dogs are pooing up to five (yes five) times a day. This is a new angle on the Government’s advice to have five-a-day!

That means that 1,000 tonnes of dog waste is being produced by Britain’s dogs every single day!

It also comes hard on the heels of consumer champion Alice Beer recommending This Morning viewers to feed the cheapest food you can find in order to save a few pounds a year. That piece of advice (so wrong on many levels), if followed, will surely lead to a whole lot more poo being produced. This is because lower quality foods tend to be less digestible, need higher feeding amounts and mean the dog will poo more frequently.

As residents of this parish are aware, Burns, being highly digestible, has lower feeding amounts and produces very little poo, typically once a day. That’s also why Burns is judged to be Britain’s best loved dog food that is also good value for money. Burns recently topped the Which? Magazine members’ survey for best dog food the second year running.